Cozy, Warm Fireplaces

Picture 96

It’s so cozy to sit back on a cold day and relax in front of the fire. All I need is to feel the warmth on my face.

Picture 89

I’ve thought of putting the above fireplace in the master bedroom or in the breakfast nook.
I already have two fireplaces in the house… do I need more?

Picture 91

I’ve had the non-working fireplace in three different apartments in New York City. Even that is a pleasure to look at.
There are so many creative ways to decorate them.

Picture 92

I love the look of this old fireplace in the kitchen. It brings me back to the old, old days of the 19th century.

Picture 93

And then the classic mantel.
I love to decorate the mantel with a couple of simple objects such as
battery-powered candles and flowers.

Picture 95

Picture 97

I love sitting outdoors on a beautiful day or evening.
A fireplace on the patio would make me very happy. It would give me a lot of time
to think and therefore be inspired! Do you have a fireplace that you enjoy?

Photos: Houzz

4 thoughts on “Cozy, Warm Fireplaces

  1. Since I left home I have loved in old victorian apartments/houses so I love a good fireplace and you are right even decorating a non-working one makes them look really good. I like the fireplace in the green kitchen – looks cosy!

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