Clever Space Saver: Built-in Benches

I envision adding on to our kitchen with a nook for a table with lots of seating. Built-in benches allow a lot of people to fit into a small space. You can pack them in! I love the concept of saving space with building a bench into a wall. As I’m searching for kitchen benches, I’m coming across clever uses throughout the house. Let’s take a look!

First of all, this is exactly what I want. The ceiling is tall and the windows are magnificent. Bring in the sun!


Wouldn’t it be nice to have an additional hang-out area in the kitchen? What a great space for an afternoon tea party!


This is an ingenious use for the hall. It looks like it could be a quiet getaway.


I’m also planning on creating a mudroom which I’ll discuss in a later post. Meanwhile, I love this space saver.


Gorgeous! Although that view certainly helps.


As far as built-in benches go, I must say that the last one is the most inspiring to me. Perhaps because I can imagine gazing out to the calming water! Does this inspire you?


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