Madras in a Boy’s Room

Picture 113

I am a fan of the madras quilt. My little boy is growing up and I will soon be lucky enough to decorate his new big boy bedroom. I’ve had my eye on the madras quilt from Pottery Barn Kids for probably about a year by now. Does the thought of decorating a new room inspire you? I love the dark, boy colors of the lines and squares in the madras. The room’s walls are already a bright, fun green. I’ll add navy blue curtains with a navy, shag rug. The shag will help make it a little whimsical even though the color is so dark. The bright green will also assist the room in remaining a little youthful. The madras is such a wonderful pattern because there are so many colors that it’s easy to match it to whatever we want. I love decorating and find it so inspiring!

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