Friday Finds [personal touch]

I found a couple of classics with a customization twist. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the beauty of vintage posters. I love striking, large prints. They really make a statement with the bold color and type. Well, this week, I found the coolest vintage poster because it’s not vintage at all and it’s completely a one-of-a-kind. At Uncommon Goods, I can order a print personalized with my wedding details. I would love to have this in my foyer. It has the look I want yet nobody will have the same one because it will have my and my husband’s names on it with our own details. The only reason why I haven’t been able to choose a large, vintage poster for my home yet is because I don’t want to choose one that has been mass-produced and very common. I like my home to be unique. This poster is the perfect answer for my vintage poster desire! There are a few styles to choose from.

Picture 194Another personalized item that I found this week is this gorgeous pearl necklace. Every woman should have a pearl necklace in her jewelry case, right? Well, how about personalizing it so it’s not quite the same pearl necklace. It’s so unique! Kimberly Tidwell in Spartanburg, South Carolina, creates each necklace. She sells them at her online Etsy shop. I love that this is such a classic necklace yet I can put my “fingerprint” on it with the color of my choice and my initials. The pendant also adds a modern touch. Since I have three children, I could even choose to have each child’s first initial on the pendant. What a great Mother’s Day gift! Does it inspire you to have a classic item with your personal stamp on it?

Picture 195

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