Unifying a Room with an Area Rug

An area rug can make or break a room. It ties the space together with size, shape and colors. If the rug is too small or the wrong colors or pattern, then it can break the room. There are many rules out there such as to have the furniture all on the rug or all off. There is also a rule of only having the front legs of a sofa and chairs on the rug. I want my new living room rug large but without the legs of the sofa and chairs sitting on it. I like to see the hardwood floors and I think the hardwood helps the room look more open and clean. I found the photos below to be very inspiring when designing, and unifying, my living room. Area rugs are also nice to separate functions of a room, as seen below. Do you find these photos inspirational when designing with an area rug? Which rule do you like to follow? My favorite room below is the last one. It is gorgeous!

Picture 195


Picture 196


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