Friday Finds

The other day, I found a really cute outdoor bench surrounded by flowers for my daydream spot post. At the time, I also found a very cute bench for my backyard that looks like a true mason created specifically for my space. The bench below is made of stones and wood and I’d love to paint the wood a darker color to hide amongst the flowers and grass. This is something that I’d like someone to find in my yard which is truly a Friday Find!

Picture 199

And while we are outside thinking about our private retreats, I found such a cool item on etsy! I discovered this gnome door that can be placed anywhere. There are stakes on the bottom so I can firmly place them into the ground. This would do wonders for my kids’ imaginations. They could also make up some pretty fun stories of what’s behind the door when their friends come over. I found it at Colorful Impressions which is owned by June Frampton of Tacoma, Washington. The craftsmanship of this piece is impressive. If you were spending some time on a friend’s patio and noticed a gnome’s door on a wood fence, would your imagination start working in overdrive? Do you find this inspiring? I do. It’s very inspiring for my creativity.

Picture 200

Click on the photo for purchasing information.

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