Decorating a Nursery for a Baby and Beyond

It’s so fun to decorate a nursery. There are so many options… especially nowadays. A boring, typical glider was the norm but within the last five years, designers have created new styles. The designs are modern and fashionable and have stunning pattern options. The chair could used for the nursery and into the teen years and beyond. It’s nice to treat the little baby as a little person rather than a baby. Another thing that I love in a nursery is real artwork.  The little person can grow with the art. Who knows, maybe she will take it to college with her. Babies are not babies for long and therefore, the nursery is only necessary for about a year. One more baby item that isn’t necessary is a changing table. With three kids, I have never used a changing table. If a parent wants to stand while changing the baby’s diaper, it’s possible to put a pad on a beautiful dresser. It’s important to design a nursery in a way that makes it easy to transform it into a child’s room. Babies grow up so fast! Does a modern, stylish nursery inspire you? It does for me!

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 7.18.51 AM


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