Melody Duck Egg Wallpaper

Wallpaper?! Isn’t that what  people are ripping off the walls of their newly bought homes? Their homes that were recently bought from the original owner of 50 years?  I love the look of so many patterns. Damask, toile, floral and geometric shapes. I am very happy when looking at patterns whether for a pillow, bedding… or just plain old inspiration.  Wouldn’t it be inspiring to have it hanging on a wall in your house? Maybe the 21st century way is to apply it only to an accent wall. What do you think about wallpaper on all four walls of a room versus one wall? Does it depend on which room?  I used to think that applying it to one wall was a cowardly way of using a bold color or pattern but maybe that is the way to go.
What inspires you?

2 thoughts on “Wallpaper

    • Intricate designs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this link! I see some beautiful rooms on there. I’m now going to spend more time on it… exploring. Thanks! 🙂

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