Hygge and Me

Every evening, I actually look forward to getting my comfy clothes on, relaxing under low light and reading a nice story.  “Getting cozy” fills me with joy. This time of year, Spring, I should be embracing the longer days of sunlight and the outdoors. Instead, I am still as happy as can be quietly unwinding in the early evening hours under my blankets. This feeling is so delightful to me that I even have a special reading nook in the corner of my room with a gray pillow with the word COZY stitched on it. I have often wondered why such simplicity creates such an enjoyment for me… even during the warmer, brighter months. Recently I came across the Danish word hygge (pronounce hue-gah).  It is difficult to translate directly because it’s more of a feeling or state of mind, but it can be compared to “coziness”.  According to the Macmillan Dictionary, it’s defined as “a type of lifestyle practised in Denmark where the focus is on simple pleasures, comfort and cosiness, and spending time with friends and family.”  This interpretation matches me!  Between my great-grandmother having moved to the U.S. from Värmland, Sweden to my other great-grandparents who also moved from Northern European countries, perhaps this could explain the nordic, cozy, hygge feeling that is in my blood. Realizing the meaning of this word actually thrilled me because it’s not just me! It so accurately describes what makes me happy each evening and it makes so much more sense now. Is it a trend? For some, I’m sure. For me, it’s been carried down through my lineage so I will always embrace hygge.  It makes me feel content. It inspires Ma.  Does hygge inspire you… even during the Spring?



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