People Watch: Evora

In Evora, Portugal, there are many men hanging around chatting with their buddies in the Pra├ža do Geraldo or the main square. What a great place to people watch. I wonder what they are talking about. They have probably known each other their entire lives. There aren’t many women of the same age group out […]

People Watch: Hvar

I’m watching this lady walk through the town square in Hvar, Croatia. It looks like it might take her quite awhile to get where she is going. I wonder where she needs to be or who she is meeting. It would be nice to not be in a hurry. Live the simple life. Does the […]

People Watch: Krakow

I took this picture in Krakow, Poland. The two chatting ladies remind me of my Grandma and Great Aunt who was/is Polish. They would always dress up and never dress down with a pair of pants. I wonder who these ladies are and what they are talking about. Does looking at old pictures inspire you? […]