Colorful Mondays {Combinations}

Let’s make this Monday very colorful with my favorite color combinations. Pink and green is one of my favorites. My baby’s room’s walls are a bright green and she has all bright pink accessories. As shown in the pictures below, it’s a great combination for a girl’s bedroom.

Gray and yellow is one of my new favorites.

Navy and white is such a classic. It looks so clean… I love it!

Doesn’t this look gorgeous?

Seeing beautiful colors together inspire me to be more creative with color. Do these combinations inspire you?


8 thoughts on “Colorful Mondays {Combinations}

  1. I want to live in ALL those houses! Even though I’m in an apartment, I find that something as simple as changing the color of the cushions on my couch can bring the living room to life again. I have some nice vases, and a simple floral arrangement can make the place feel new again. I love looking at what designers do and getting inspired by their color combinations. Pink and green are favorites of mine as well!

  2. I have always loved pink and green for a girls room….makes me feel happy and energetic but calm at the same time. I just bought new gray and white bedding for my bedroom and knew I needed a pop of color. Found a little white, gray and yellow pillow which is perfect!

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