Pretty Papers

It seems that whenever a person looks at a house to buy, one of the first things she wants to do is take down the wallpaper. They contain such beautiful patterns and colors, though! Now there are such unique papers that are trompe l’oeil, paintable and even ones that have texture. Graham & Brown is […]

Colorful Mondays {pink}

There is pink and then there is PINK. I was never one to like pink. Maybe it was because I am a girl and I’m supposed to like pink. Now that I have a daughter, who absolutely loves pink, she has opened my eyes to the color. It feels like a new color to me! […]

Colorful Mondays {Combinations}

Let’s make this Monday very colorful with my favorite color combinations. Pink and green is one of my favorites. My baby’s room’s walls are a bright green and she has all bright pink accessories. As shown in the pictures below, it’s a great combination for a girl’s bedroom. Gray and yellow is one of my […]