House Hunter’s International

I DVR all the House Hunters International episodes that are on HGTV. For those who don’t know this show, it’s about people from the U.S. or England who are relocating to another country. We join them in their home search. Ultimately they choose between three places. It is so inspiring, especially for me, to see a family go on the search and actually make the big move! It’s so fun to imagine what if we picked up everything and moved across the ocean to a European big city or a little village. It’s also fun to see how people live differently all over the world. Some countries have laundry rooms in the basement. Some people have a washer in the bathroom or the kitchen. Ours is on the first floor behind the garage. Some homes have lots of low, angled ceilings. I found a few homes from around the world and posted them below. Are you inspired by the thought of picking up and moving to the other side of the world?

This home is in Tokyo, Japan:

Here is another one in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I love the clean design.

And then London… what a view!

And Sydney. I would love to bring the outdoors in.

Do you find these home inspiring?

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