Colorful Mondays {pink}

There is pink and then there is PINK. I was never one to like pink. Maybe it was because I am a girl and I’m supposed to like pink. Now that I have a daughter, who absolutely loves pink, she has opened my eyes to the color. It feels like a new color to me! I’m loving it now. Is there a hue of pink that inspires you?

I usually imagine a pink in a girl’s room or nursery. I love how it’s used here. It’s not a pastel but very bright. The pattern of the wallpaper is gorgeous!

Using the color in the bathroom is very fun and thinking outside of the box.

The bright pink below is not in a child’s room. I love this pattern! It’s a traditional damask but looks very modern with this bold hue of pink.

This is really unusual and I love it! The bones of the room are very masculine yet with a little hot pink incorporated, it adds an eclectic, feminine feel.

With this blue dining room, I absolutely love the bright pink flowers. It just POPS!

Here is a photo of a more typical girl’s room. This is beautiful because there are various pink shades.

Painted furniture is very fun and even better when it’s a very bright color… such as this bright pink. It easily modernizes and a traditional piece of furniture.

Here we are again with a pink girls’ room but the ceiling is hot pink. Very cool!


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