Colorful Mondays {white}

I actually had a Colorful Mondays written about another topic but since I woke up to snow falling, I decided to post one about white. More specifically, this post is about Scandinavian interiors. As I look out my office window, all I see is snow falling! It is gorgeous, I must admit. The flakes are large and soft. The snow might be depressing for some people around here because it’s Spring and we keep getting teased by warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and singing birds. I am very excited about the snow and I still find it very inspiring, despite it’s the end of March. By looking out my window, I could imagine I’m sitting in a small village in Sweden. What an inspiring thought! Scandinavians design rooms with lots of white because of their long, dark, winter days. I love the minimal use of color within the white. It pops! I am also fond of the way woods are used in such modern spaces. The rustic wood adds just enough warmth for the stark, white rooms. Do the white, Scandinavian interiors inspire you?

Picture 116

Picture 117

Picture 118

Picture 120

Picture 119

Picture 121

Picture 115

Photos courtesy of: Sköna Hem, Garbo Interiors, Woon Blog, Sea of Girasoles, Scandinavian Retreat, and Inspiring Interiors

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