A Basket Full of Chocolate

Easter is getting close and I’m starting to think about my children’s Easter baskets. How much chocolate is too much for a three-year-old? Well, this is simply a rhetorical question. I have taught my children to share (with me)! Anyways, these thoughts get me thinking about quaint chocolate shops. There are certainly less of them around here nowadays. I find it inspiring to walk into a family run chocolate shop. It’s even better if it’s chic and has character. When you find a unique chocolate shop, do you always make a point to stop and sample a few?


4 thoughts on “A Basket Full of Chocolate

  1. I adore chocolate and it’s pretty difficult to resist sampling if I have the opportunity! What is the strangest chocolate combo you have ever tried? I like it with just a pinch of curry…totally unexpected but adding a bit of warmth to the flavor (especially when combined with a little cinnamon)

    • I can see how the sweet and spicy would be good together. Sometimes I like a salty food with chocolate but I can’t think of anything strange I’ve tried with the chocolate! I guess I always go with what I know I love… hazelnut, almond, coconut, etc.

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