The Beauty of Swedish Mora Clocks

Going online and looking at pictures from antique shops or blogs with photos of beautiful, white, Scandinavian design truly inspires me. I especially love the clean, soft white and light gray shape of the Mora clocks. The tall, curvy, colorful clocks are named after the town that they originated from…. Mora, Sweden. The current “shabby chic” style is derived from the Gustav period which was named after King Gustav III. The king’s trip to Versailles influenced this style but with a pared down look. The clocks (and furniture) are light colors to reflect the light in the Swedish long, dark winters. Meanwhile, there are many Gustav-era replications but I would love a true, antique Mora clock. I’d like a light gray one and place it right in my entryway. Even with the large clock, it would help create an open, airy look thanks to its color and shape. Do Mora clocks inspire you? Or do you prefer a traditional grandfather clock?

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