Chaise Lounge: To Relax or To Clutter

As it is, I have a glider between the nightstand and the closet with a window behind. The glider is very convenient with a baby but now that my baby is actually considered a toddler, I’m starting to rethink the space. I imagine having a pretty chaise lounge with a floor lamp behind. This would be the perfect place to read and/or unwind. I have to wonder, though, since it’s right next to the closet, will it be a clothes magnet? Will it be asking for it to have clutter thrown on top so all I see is a pile of books, toys and tops and I won’t even notice the gorgeous fabric that I would have spent days choosing? It’s definitely very inspiring to see such relaxing photos of the chaise lounge in a bedroom with a blanket resting on the seat. Do you find the thought of a relaxing bedroom nook with a chaise lounge inspiring? Or do you visualize it as simply asking to be a fancy, expensive hanger?

Picture 127

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