Decorating a Beach House

Thinking about a place by the ocean, I can smell the salty water and feel the warm breeze brushing my hair back. It’s inspiring for me to look at real estate listings of getaways. I imagine decorating each room in a splashy, summer-fun color. Is that why I want the beach house? Is it for family time by the ocean or is it to decorate? It certainly would be fun, wouldn’t it! It’s a chance to use colors and objects that I wouldn’t dream of using in a year-round home. Do you find decorating a space with vivid colors and seashore objects inspiring?

Picture 130 Picture 133 Picture 134 Picture 135 Picture 136

Picture 137

Photos: Coastal Living

2 thoughts on “Decorating a Beach House

  1. That’s one of my favorite internet activities – browsing my dream real estate places! These beach houses are absolutely gorgeous.

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