Colorful Mondays {red, white and blue}

It’s a holiday in the United States… Memorial Day! The last Monday in May is always reserved for this day. It is a day of remembrance to those who died in active military service and we say thank you. In honor of the day, this Colorful Monday offers a touch of red, white and blue… […]

Decorating a Beach House

Thinking about a place by the ocean, I can smell the salty water and feel the warm breeze brushing my hair back. It’s inspiring for me to look at real estate listings of getaways. I imagine decorating each room in a splashy, summer-fun color. Is that why I want the beach house? Is it for […]

Living Abroad… at Home

Sometimes I daydream about living abroad. How about I bring abroad home and live in a European-style home here in the United States. I found some gorgeous homes online that look very European and have a charm that I adore. I can imagine having a quiet, fashionable life in one of these. These homes certainly […]

My Dream Cottage in Maine

I found my dream cottage in Maine! It’s called Hunting Island CottageĀ  and it’s perched on a bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It is built with stones and a coziness that I would absolutely love to share with my family. Here are a few pictures of the cottage. Do you get inspired by looking at […]