Parisian Dreams

As I scrolled down my Facebook news feed, a post from the lovely blog, Decor 8, jumped out at me. The post mentioned a blog named The Socialite Family which is a French/English site devoted to creative families. C’est chouette! It includes interviews with various stylish families and photos of their homes. Now I’m sitting here daydreaming big time. Suddenly, I’m searching the Internet for an apartment in Paris… just for fun. It’s so interesting to see how other families live in other cities. I love the interior architecture of old Parisian apartments. The tall ceilings and moldings are gorgeous. The long, windows with the tiniest of balconies are so elegant. I’m also entertained by the cafe culture in Paris. I would very much enjoy spending time with my three young children and husband at a little bistro to people watch, chat and drink coffee or hot chocolates. I could ramble on and on about my Parisian dreams. Does the thought of living in Paris with your family inspire you?

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