Friday Finds [nautical]

I’m excited to introduce a new weekly! It’s called Friday Finds where I will showcase stylish shopping discoveries. It’s a great way to begin the weekend. This week, I have been shopping for summer-themed accessories. I don’t have a boat, but it’s fun to dress as if I do during the summer months! The accessories below are great for the hot days and nights fast approaching.

The Red Anchor Change Purse is from a screenprint shop called the Hummingbird Factory in Nashville, Tennessee in the U.S. Everything in Ashley’s shop is unique and beautiful. This bag jumped out at me for the colors, size and the bold fisherman’s hook. Red, white and blue is such a classic color combination… and perfect for the Fourth of July. Who wouldn’t want to carry her phone and credit cards in this cute bag?!

Picture 168

Picture 170

Below is a bracelet from All Beta. The shop owner, Lucy Lu, works out of her studio apartment in San Francisco. She is a rock climber and uses rope for her designs. This bracelet is a fun, yet feminine, accessory for boating. The rope is such a cool touch. When you are busy tying up the boat, or getting splashed by waves, you don’t have to worry about getting your jewelry ruined! Then again, I’d just wear this to the grocery store and playground with my kids. Do you like wearing, or carrying, nautical themed accessories in the summer?

Picture 169

Click on the photos above to purchase. It’s easy at Etsy!

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