Looking at Window Treatments

When I’m decorating my house, I really get stuck when it comes to the windows. They bring in all the light and are such a focal point. I’m afraid that if I use the wrong treatment, then I could block a ton of light or my eye will ignore the rest of the room and go straight to ugly, hanging fabric. I certainly want privacy but I also like as much light to flow in as possible. Below is a variety of treatments from curtains to blinds to shades. Is your home filled with the same window treatment or do you have a variety depending on the room?

Picture 178

I like the classic wood horizontal blinds. This is what I have in our cozy family room.

Picture 177

Roman shades are so pretty because you can personalize them with the pattern and fabric. I love how soft the one below looks and it gives total privacy for the bath.

Picture 188
This bedroom has a very classic look with curtains and valances. It must look very cozy when the curtains are closed at night.

Picture 187
I like the valence only approach here. The pattern is very pretty. I wonder if there are blinds hidden underneath.

Picture 186
I love the simplicity of these roman shades!

Picture 185
The shades below are so cool! I love that you can pull them down for privacy but still have natural sunlight shining into the room. I also like how the vertical ones match the horizontal ones.

Picture 183
Need I say more? I guess it’s obvious that I like pastel roman shades!

Picture 182
I think the below is a classic with the curtains for style but the horizontal blinds for function.

Picture 181
The duo below has a feminine touch with the thin curtain layer behind the thick layer. I love this look for a girl’s room!

Picture 179


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