Colorful Mondays {orange}

Orange is red and yellow. It takes energy from the red and happiness from the yellow and creates an overall feeling of well-being with emotional energy of compassion and warmth. Studies show that the color orange creates increased oxygen supply to the brain and enhanced assurance. This vivid color also helps decision-making and enhances confidence and understanding. If this is the case, should office buildings’ interiors be bright orange? It seems that people would accomplish so much more and in turn be very successful at their endeavors! Perhaps cubicles should have orange walls rather than a plain beige and the boring carpets should be orange rugs instead. How about orange blinds on the windows? Does the color orange inspire you as studies have proved? Would you consider decorating your office with orange?

Orange gerbera Pakhnyushchy

orange half Peterman

Picture 172

Picture 173

Picture 174

Picture 176

For photo sources, click on the photo.

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