A Dog on the Formal Sofa!

The intricate frame of the sofa with the luxurious fabric is stunning. The antique piece filled with books in the background adds warmth to an otherwise formal room. Wait, do I see a dog?! Not only is he in the formal room, but he is sitting on the opulent piece of furniture! It’s so cool to see this. I must admit, I’m not sure I could allow this. My formal sofa is not nearly this gorgeous and I get nervous when I see my children run into the living room with Nutella fingers and mustaches. Do you find this inspiring? It is inspiring to me to let loose a little! Maybe the formal room could be a bit more relaxed. I love this picture. The dog might add the most warmth here.

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 7.43.10 PM

One thought on “A Dog on the Formal Sofa!

  1. I love this dog! And the picture is really cute. To be honest I hate houses where you feel yourself like in the museum – scared to touch anything! I have in my house some expensive rugs and in the beginning I was feeling bad when I saw anybody even walking on it and then my friend said “relax, it is just a rug, it is made for people to walk on it”. Now I believe things are meant to serve people, not people to serve the things. Of course I am not talking to lay on the sofa in the dirty shoes, but you shouldn’t run into an extreme protecting your belongings.

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