A Dog on the Formal Sofa!

The intricate frame of the sofa with the luxurious fabric is stunning. The antique piece filled with books in the background adds warmth to an otherwise formal room. Wait, do I see a dog?! Not only is he in the formal room, but he is sitting on the opulent piece of furniture! It’s so cool […]

I wish…… I wish.

“I wish… I wish.” This is what I hear from my two older children. When I get catalogs from companies such as American Girl or One Step Ahead, I immediately hand them to my children and exclaim, “Look at what you got in the mail!” It’s fun. It’s also very fun to listen to what […]

Fast and Easy Black Bean Soup

I am not a chef so that alone will prove that this is a very simple dish that anybody can make. It’s also very fast. With three little kids, I have to do a lot of things in a hurry and making meals is one of them. Another good note, is that it’s really a […]