The Beauty of the Farmhouse Sink

There is something about the farmhouse sink that I’m resisting. Then again, every single time I see one, I think how wonderful it looks. Perhaps I’m afraid of it being just another trend but it does have such a clean look and the deep size makes washing pots and plans easier. I believe it is […]

Let’s Just Get Away

Do you ever get the feeling that you want to get away? But also just stay home? I found some perfect retreats within the home. What do you think? I’d love to stop everything and take a break in one of these spots. Maybe I could close my eyes for a few minutes and be […]

A Navy Blue Home

The color of a home and the landscaping are the two most important elements for your home’s curb appeal. Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous so I spent some time outside working on the yard. It’s so great having that time in the dirt and sun after a snowy Winter and then a rainy Spring. It’s […]

The Outdoor Entrance

These homes are so inspiring. I love their entrances! The stone and brick walks are so inviting. Looking at these photos inspire me to add brick to the driveway, completely re-do the front porch with brick and then there is the walkway. I’d love to make the walkway all brick and landscape with flowers and […]