A Navy Blue Home

The color of a home and the landscaping are the two most important elements for your home’s curb appeal. Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous so I spent some time outside working on the yard. It’s so great having that time in the dirt and sun after a snowy Winter and then a rainy Spring. It’s also the time of year that I stand out and really take a look at the house to see what I need to do. A major thing on the to do list… paint the house. Right now it’s a bluish/grayish. It’s time to make the color pop! A dark navy would be beautiful! It’s time for me to start doing my research to find the perfect color and this is a very fun step for me. I posted a bunch of navy houses that inspire me. I think I have a favorite… which one is yours?

Picture 125

3 thoughts on “A Navy Blue Home

    • I love navy, too. My dining room has navy walls and now I’m searching for navy and white pillow covers (on esty) for the living room!

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