I Just Need a Chair Here… in Adare

I would like to put a chair right here and just gaze at this gorgeous view. Do you find this inspiring, too? This photo is of the Adare Gardens and Castle in Adare, Ireland. Photo: http://www.depositphotos.com/PatrykKosmider

Shepard’s Pie

Shepard’s Pie is one of my favorite meals to make. It has everything you need pretty much in just one bite… the potatoes, meat and vegetables. I make it in a quick, simple way. With three little kids, I can’t slave in the kitchen for too long. The most time-consuming part is peeling all the […]

Thinking about Ireland

Do most people have green on their minds in March? I daydream about taking our children to Ireland for the first time. This will be their first overseas trip. Since my husband still has family there, it would especially be a great time for all of us. I daydream about the kids wearing Irish sweaters […]

Colorful Mondays {Buildings}

Ljubljana, Slovenia Adare, Ireland Krakow, Poland Budapest, Hungary Obidos, Portugal Even on a cloudy day, colorful architecture brings me joy.  Harbor towns in Scandinavia and Ireland have painted their homes for centuries so the fishermen could recognize their homes when returning from sea. Greek towns use colors to curb headaches from the shining sun combined […]