Colorful Mondays {Buildings}



Ljubljana, Slovenia


Adare, Ireland


Krakow, Poland


Budapest, Hungary



Obidos, Portugal


Even on a cloudy day, colorful architecture brings me joy.  Harbor towns in Scandinavia and Ireland have painted their homes for centuries so the fishermen could recognize their homes when returning from sea. Greek towns use colors to curb headaches from the shining sun combined with the bright, white plaster. There are practicalities for the use of color but I think they are simply gorgeous and fun. The colors bring cheerful and inspiring thoughts which is a great way to start the week, right? The last photo above is of a candy shop in Ljubljana. Doesn’t that just fit? The sweet colors of mint green and pretty pink certainly inspire me to indulge in some chocolate mints! The colors are so inviting.
Sure, I’ll stop in for some treats and gaze out the window for some people watching!
Do colorful buildings inspire you?

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