Gazing at Old Travel Pics

Sometimes I just like to look at my old travel photos for inspiration. Looking at them takes me back to that particular time and place. I love that feeling of excitement and not knowing what to expect is around the corner. Each day is an adventure and full of curiosity and findings. The photos bring […]

Colorful Mondays {tiles}

One of the wonderful things about traveling is viewing new architecture styles. Azulejo is a form of Portuguese painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tile work. It comes from an Arabic word, az-zulayj, which directly translates to “polished stone.”  It has been produced for five centuries and the tradition is also seen in former Spanish and Portuguese colonies […]

Something Basic, Something Routine, yet Something Interesting (to Me)

After thinking about my People Watch: Dubrovnik post, I decided to post some of my laundry photos. Traveling to other countries and exploring the neighborhood streets is very inspiring to me. I love it when I see the laundry hanging from the clothes lines. To people who live in these countries, this could be boring […]