Something Basic, Something Routine, yet Something Interesting (to Me)

After thinking about my People Watch: Dubrovnik post, I decided to post some of my laundry photos. Traveling to other countries and exploring the neighborhood streets is very inspiring to me. I love it when I see the laundry hanging from the clothes lines. To people who live in these countries, this could be boring […]

People Watch: Dubrovnik

In the United States, it’s not very common to see laundry hanging out of people’s windows. When I travel, I always notice the clothes hanging from the line and I take a lot of pictures of them. This woman looks like she has hung a lot of clothes from this window. I wonder what she […]

Laundry Rooms

I can’t say looking at photos of laundry rooms inspires me to do laundry but looking at the photos does inspire me to get organized! I love these rooms. My laundry room is mango orange (which is really bright) and it has one yellow wall. I wanted to make it bright and fun. With matching […]