Snow Day

In December, I absolutely love the idea of a beautiful snowfall from the dark clouds in the bright, blue sky. I love to cozy up in a thick sweater under a blanket on the couch while watching my favorite show and eating my chocolates. Ok, everything after the part about the blanket is true year round but the cozy part! I love it in the winter. But hey… just last week The Groundhog told me that we only have six weeks left of winter. My thoughts have moved on to sunny, Spring days with my kids running outside on the very green grass. Suddenly, we’re expecting a huge blizzard and/or Nor’easter. Do I just go back to my December thoughts and feel the same way about the snow? How do you feel about the snow in February? Do you dread the thought or does it inspire you?

Photo credit: Rick Smith

8 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I adore a good snowfall – especially in the city. There’s a wonderful muting to all the loud sounds that can stress us out. Cars drive slower, people talk to each other. We all slow down just enough to notice things that we’d otherwise rush past. And winter snow is a chance to admire the beauty in nature Definitely inspiring!

    • I agree that it’s very inspiring no matter which month it is. Very true that people talk to each other after a snowfall. It’s interesting what brings people together.

  2. Wow! Your snow pics are amazing!

    I love snow, no matter what month. It’s beautiful, it’s different. I love taking pictures in the snow, walking in the snow & just having that cozy feeling. I also notice that it brings villagers closer together, they tend to communicate more with eachother where so many people end up walking everywhere hehe x 🙂

    • Actually, very true about snow bringing people together. That is how we first met our new neighbors.. when everybody came out to shovel the snow!

  3. Such lovely scenes! Is this on the East coast of the US?

    I’ve grown up having snowy surroundings during the winter months, but found myself a bit spoiled living in Heidelberg, Germany for ten years (where we had fairly mild winters). Last year, we spent our sabbatical in Southeast Asia, making the transition to winter in Germany’s Alps this year a bit of a shock. Yet, despite the shoveling and sidewalk slips, it was a winter wonderland! I loved seeing the hillsides and onion domes of the churches dressed in snow.

    • Thanks! These photos were taken in Michigan. Germany’s Alps must be gorgeous this time of year. I imagine the snowy onion domes to be beautiful.

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