Patterns, Patterns and Patterns… but mainly Damask

Picture 58

Picture 57

Picture 51

Picture 50

Aren’t these gorgeous?! I do love patterns… especially Damask! I always find myself gravitating to this particular pattern. It’s gorgeous! Perhaps it’s the luxurious look or its history or even just how the monochromatic colors intersect with one another. The pattern was used only for formal rooms’ furniture or formal occasions’ table linens. Now, it is in any room and for any occasion no matter how casual. I’d love to reupholster furniture with this fabric or wallpaper some rooms… maybe I’ll make t-shirts! Actually, I do have a green and white shirt with this pattern. From the sample given above, you might be surprised by that. Hey, even my favorite coffee mug is black and white Damask. I’d love to go on and on but am I the only one? Do you gravitate to this pattern as well? I find this pattern very inspiring which is why I love to start each morning with my Damask mug.

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