Coffee Shops and Cafes



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What is it about hanging out at a coffee shop with friends that makes me want to go home and write in a blog, or take photographs, or buy new fashions? Is it the conversation, the interior design, the caffeine, perhaps? Even without the conversation, I can sit in a coffee shop alone and people watch, read a book, or my favorite… just sit and daydream. I can brainstorm a lot at a coffee shop or cafe. Where do your thoughts flow the best? In your home, outside in a park or at a coffee shop or cafe?

Photos by: Rick Smith

10 thoughts on “Coffee Shops and Cafes

  1. A study has been done that shows that people are more creative when there’s a little bit of background noise. Makes sense to me – I love reading and writing in coffee shops. And they really are the best place for chats with friends!

  2. I love coffee shops! This is a recent discovery since living in a big city, since I am from farmville, usa. There are THOUSANDS of coffee shops in Seoul just waiting to be discovered by me ^^

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  4. Hey there! Thanks for liking a post on my blog. Since you found me I had to come check out your blog and say, “Hi.” I’m with you – coffee shops are the place to be! When I was in college I practically lived at coffee houses, but now I only get to them once a week or so. This is okay – it makes it more of a treat. Celeste

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