Grand Space of a Loft

 The definition, according to Wikipedia, of a loft apartment is:  it “refers to large adaptable open space, often converted for residential use from some other use, often light industrial.” It’s exciting to have an industrial history to your home. What cool stories are involved when living in a space where chocolate chips were dropped into cookie […]

People Watch: Grand Central

It’s Good Friday and the beginning of Easter weekend. Grand Central Station is probably very busy today with travelers! What a great day to people watch. I used to work above Grand Central Terminal in New York City. There were those days when I would get stressed, need a breather, or need some inspiration so […]

Outdoors in the City

“Often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature,” says Richard Ryan, lead author and a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester.  Research shows that nature helps not only physically but also mentally. People have more energy, […]

Budapest Stands

I took these photos in Budapest, Hungary. The first photo is of a very charming magazine stand. The second one is an adorable stand bursting with Spring flowers.  I can’t quite pinpoint why they inspire me but to begin with, they are the cutest little buildings! I also like how they are so clean which […]

Coffee Shops and Cafes

What is it about hanging out at a coffee shop with friends that makes me want to go home and write in a blog, or take photographs, or buy new fashions? Is it the conversation, the interior design, the caffeine, perhaps? Even without the conversation, I can sit in a coffee shop alone and people […]