Friday Find(s) [car art]

As I’m in the middle of redecorating my son’s room, I’m so excited to have found the perfect art. The room’s color theme is bright green and navy blue. He is an extreme car enthusiast and loves, loves, loves to draw cars as well as “play traffic”. What could be better than this framed print […]

Colorful Mondays: Blue Pools

This Monday will be a hot one! I’ll be drinking plenty of glasses of refreshing ice water. My glass of water may appear colorless but once the volume increases, such as in a pool, the light scatters and reflects and, well, here we are. We get to look at a gorgeous pool of blue water. […]

Patterns, Patterns and Patterns… but mainly Damask

Aren’t these gorgeous?! I do love patterns… especially Damask! I always find myself gravitating to this particular pattern. It’s gorgeous! Perhaps it’s the luxurious look or its history or even just how the monochromatic colors intersect with one another. The pattern was used only for formal rooms’ furniture or formal occasions’ table linens. Now, it […]