Friday Find(s) [car art]

As I’m in the middle of redecorating my son’s room, I’m so excited to have found the perfect art. The room’s color theme is bright green and navy blue. He is an extreme car enthusiast and loves, loves, loves to draw cars as well as “play traffic”. What could be better than this framed print […]

Friday Finds [nautical]

I’m excited to introduce a new weekly! It’s called Friday Finds where I will showcase stylish shopping discoveries. It’s a great way to begin the weekend. This week, I have been shopping for summer-themed accessories. I don’t have a boat, but it’s fun to dress as if I do during the summer months! The accessories […]

People Watch: Grand Central

It’s Good Friday and the beginning of Easter weekend. Grand Central Station is probably very busy today with travelers! What a great day to people watch. I used to work above Grand Central Terminal in New York City. There were those days when I would get stressed, need a breather, or need some inspiration so […]