Feeling Gray in the Kitchen

It’s about time for me to start working on my kitchen and I don’t mean cooking in my kitchen. The cupboards are in great shape so my husband will paint them and we’re thinking dark. Dark gray. Gray is quiet and subdued and is a place of calm. Maybe the kitchen will be a relief […]

Colorful Mondays {kitchen countertops}

I wonder what it would feel like to wake up to a very colorful kitchen. There are so many countertop options out there. Would a bright yellow counter brighten your day? Would a pale blue counter soothe you? I like to know there are options but I will stick with my very favorite… the marble. […]

Laundry Rooms

I can’t say looking at photos of laundry rooms inspires me to do laundry but looking at the photos does inspire me to get organized! I love these rooms. My laundry room is mango orange (which is really bright) and it has one yellow wall. I wanted to make it bright and fun. With matching […]

I wish…… I wish.

“I wish… I wish.” This is what I hear from my two older children. When I get catalogs from companies such as American Girl or One Step Ahead, I immediately hand them to my children and exclaim, “Look at what you got in the mail!” It’s fun. It’s also very fun to listen to what […]

Luxury vs Lifestyle

Carrera Marble?! Sure! Perfect! I love it! Oh wait… I have three kids under the age of 5. Grape juice, anyone? One of the biggest drawbacks with marble is the fact that it can stain because it’s very porous.  OK, I’ll rethink this one. Sure, there are different types of marble that are easier to […]